Long-term Volunteering

If you are inspired by impact that is hands-on,
grassroots-driven, and lasting, you’ve come to the right place.
Over 1000 Projects

Last year IVS supported over 1200 projects around the world. We have grassroots partners in 80 countries.


IVS projects are developed by our local partners after establishing an identified need.


Volunteering shouldn’t cost a fortune. IVS projects costs start from as little as £145.


What our Volunteers Say

  • I've been on over 10 camps with IVS and have no interest in stopping any time soon.
    — Pat Barker

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£ 160
1 - 3 Months

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£ 250
3 - 6 months

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£ 340
6 - 9 months

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£ 430
9 - 12 Months

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  • How Do I Apply?

    Email outgoing@ivsgb.org to request an application form.

    Fill in and return the application form – remember to include up to 6 ‘second choices’!

    Pay your membership and project registration fee

    Once both the project and you have confirmed your attendance, you can start packing!

  • How Much Do Long Term Projects Cost?

    • IVS membership: £15
    • Project fee: Ranges from £160 – £430

  • Where Does My Money Go?

    The membership fee supports the running of IVS

    The project fee covers:

    • Your health insurance for the duration of your volunteering
    • Your accommodation and food on site
    • Supports the SCI international network

  • What Else do I Have to Pay?

    • Travel to/from the project
    • Criminal background check
    • Visa Costs
    • Vaccinations
    • Extra fees, if required by your host project.

    IVS can support your project costs through fundraising initiatives. Contact fundraising@ivsgb.org for more.

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