Our Board

IVS employees are supported by an elected board of directors and trustees
and an appointed finance sub-group who, with the employees, are responsible
for the overall management of national and international issues.

Richard Williams

Company Secretary

Richard first became actively involved in IVS as a member of a local group. He has participated in international voluntary projects in the British Isles, Europe and further afield. He has served on IVS Committees in southern England, Scotland, at a national level, and internationally through SCI. He was IVS Hon Treasurer 2008-Oct 2009. Whilst ‘Action not Words’ is a good motto to follow, he believes that amongst the many words expressed amongst Trustees is a duty which includes ensuring that there are as many opportunities as possible, in a variety of ways, for people to volunteer for active community service with IVS. He believes that ideally, people’s first involvement with IVS should be as a volunteer.

Mohammad Rashid (known as Rashid)

Trustee and Chairperson

Rashid has attended work camps and meetings in Europe and North Africa and participated with local and international volunteers. Some of the workcamps were based in remote locations, for example one host was a rural community, the Camphill Community in rural County Wexford in Ireland.

Rashid is early-retired from his full time work. With his commitment to promote and develop volunteering for peace he uses innovative and future-proof actions to help IVS and SCI successfully meet the objectives in their areas of activity.

Rashid also volunteers as a Public Governor at University Hospital Bristol & Weston NHS Foundation Trust.

Gheorghe Zugravu

Trustee and Vice Chairperson



Neil Alldred


Neil was hugely fortunate to be sent to Cameroon by IVS back in 1972, an event which lead him to a 23 year career in Oxfam, ActionAid and several African and panAfrican organisations helping to promote international development in a number of countries and myriad communities. In his current location in Ireland, he ran Ulster University’s International Development Programme, an environmental information centre and a Global Solidarity programme for the Irish Congress of Trade Unions (ICTU). He is delighted to be back with IVS and hopes to be able to contribute to others’ experiences of meeting new people, cultures, perspectives and understandings.

Tim Marc


Tim joined the local IVS group in Croydon in 1963 and remained with it until 1978. He was secretary of the group in 1968/69 and chair for six months in 1969/70. During this time, he was, for a short time, on the London Regional Committee. In I980, Tim joined Ealing local group and became its secretary and remained so until the group folded in about 2003. Tim was also on another incarnation of the London Regional Committee. This changed into the Southern Region Action Group (SORAG), on which he stayed until the reorganisation of IVS. He then became a member of the board. Tim went to an international camp in Germany in 1969.

Rosemary Hobday


Rosemary Hobday became involved with IVS in the late 1980’s, attracted by the Development, Education, Exchange programme DEEP and workcamps in India. She then joined the Namibia bus campaign in the Soviet Union in 1991. More recently Rosemary joined the London/Southern group and is now a board member.