Our Board

IVS employees are supported by an elected board of directors and trustees
and an appointed finance sub-group who, with the employees, are responsible
for the overall management of national and international issues.

Hilary Campbell


Hilary joined IVS in 1967 as a local volunteer in Coventry.  She did a 6 month placement in the UK and went on workcamps in the UK, Poland and West Africa.  Her career has been in strategic planning and management in the public and voluntary sectors. She has worked in the Scottish voluntary sector for over 20 years.

In her spare time, she enjoys motorcycling, watching football and traditional Celtic music.

Terri Kelly

Vice Chair

Terri Kelly has a background in Higher Education in the UK.  She has a specialist interest in “second chance” education, opportunities for women and girls, and improved life chances for the most marginalised.  She has worked for over seventeen years in International Development as both a Senior Education Adviser for the UK’s Department for International Development (DFID) and also as a consultant for major bilateral and multilateral aid agencies.

She has lived and worked in many developing countries, mostly in sub-Saharan Africa and the Indian sub-Continent.  Alongside her professional roles, she has worked in a voluntary capacity for both international and national Non-Governmental Organisations.  Terri is a member of the Board of IVS and has helped to chart its long and interesting history.  She helps IVS in a number of ways including strategic planning and analysis

Bettie van Straaten


Bettie has held a range of executive level positions including Chief Executive Officer, Chief Operations Officer, Chief Financial Officer, Financial Director and Company Secretary over the last 20+ years. She has extensive leadership experience in a range of industries in private, quasi-government and not-for-profit sectors and is currently the business owner of Leo Complete Solutions where this know-how and gathered skill are put to good use for business as well as NPOs.

She holds degrees in Commerce from the University of South Africa, majoring in Accounting, Commercial Law and International Economics which she passed with distinction.  Bettie’s skill as financial modeller is highly regarded in the financial and investment world and she has conducted workshops for analysts of major financial institutions in South Africa as well as UK.

Bettie lives in Johannesburg with her family of humans, border collies and an Australian cockatiel and very frequently travels for business and pleasure to the corners of the globe.

Richard Williams

Company Secretary

Richard first became actively involved in IVS as a member of a local group. He has participated in international voluntary projects in the British Isles, Europe and further afield. He has served on IVS Committees in southern England, Scotland, at a national level, and internationally through SCI. He was IVS Hon Treasurer 2008-Oct 2009. Whilst ‘Action not Words’ is a good motto to follow, he believes that amongst the many words expressed amongst Trustees is a duty which includes ensuring that there are as many opportunities as possible, in a variety of ways, for people to volunteer for active community service with IVS. He believes that ideally, people’s first involvement with IVS should be as a volunteer.

Scott Fyfe


Scott is a qualified solicitor working full time at a full-service law firm in Edinburgh, specialising in corporate and charity law. He is a lover of sport and regularly plays golf and football and competes in triathlons. He also loves to travel and has been fortunate enough to have visited some fantastic places around the world such as New Zealand, Australia, USA and South America. When he’s feeling less active, he enjoys cooking and binge-watching a good boxset.

Mike Crawshaw


Mike is a retired local government officer with experience in contract management, third sector commissioning and procurement services. He ran a social enterprise in Merseyside, which trained unemployed people in a variety of employment skills and provided volunteering opportunities in the local community.

In his voluntary life, Mike has been Chair of the Cheshire Council’s Employee’s Credit Union, Chair of the Ruabon Cefn & District Credit Union and he is an active volunteer with Cheshire Neighbour’s Credit Union. He is also Vice Chair of the North West Regional Council of the Co-operative Party.

Mike took part in an IVS project in Sardinia working with young men with Asperger’s Syndrome. He says it was one of the most rewarding experiences of his life and, as a trustee, he wants to ensure that other people can reap the benefits of active volunteering.

Tim Marc


Tim joined the local IVS group in Croydon in 1963 and remained with it until 1978. He was secretary of the group in 1968/69 and chair for six months in 1969/70. During this time, he was, for a short time, on the London Regional Committee. In I980, Tim joined Ealing local group and became its secretary and remained so until the group folded in about 2003. Tim was also on another incarnation of the London Regional Committee. This changed into the Southern Region Action Group (SORAG), on which he stayed until the reorganisation of IVS. Then he became a member of the board and is currently the Gift Aid Officer. Tim went to an international camp in Germany in 1969.