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IVS is a branch of Service Civil International (SCI), and for a full list of short-term projects please click here

There is also a wide range of long-term projects ranging in length from one month to a year and for a full list please click here

IVS is also pleased to be able to offer a new medium to long-term opportunity to teach english abroad, and you can find out more by following the links here



IVS is pleased to offer a short-term workcamp project at a Children’s Environmental Camp in Cornwall. Opportunities for some volunteers are available at various times during the period 29th April to 12th July 2024, and opportunities for more volunteers are available between 16th July and 23rd August 2024. Please note that the dates of these projects overlap with each other so if you would like to apply, please apply for one which has the most suitable dates for you.

29th April to 12th July 12,4567

16th July to 23rd August 8910


IVS is very pleased to announce our new publication – ‘IVS: 90 years and counting: Volunteers’ Reflections’. This publication includes selected volunteer experiences from the 1950s to the early 2000s covering workcamps and other projects in the UK, Africa, Asia and Eastern Europe collected via our IVS Memories Project (where we have so far gathered over 50 contributions). The hard copy version is now available for purchase from our online Shop and electronic versions will also be available soon.

Please note that all of us at IVS are working remotely.  Mail sent to our office in Edinburgh can only be collected infrequently.

Thank you for continuing to support us.