Affordable Volunteering

 IVS has been sending British volunteers abroad and receiving overseas volunteers since 1931
Our projects in Britain are developed by local partners after establishing an identified need.  Overseas projects are arranged through our partners abroad via SCI (Service Civil International), of which IVS is a branch.  SCI has many branches, partners and groups worldwide and you can find out more about the locations of the SCI movement here
IVS is a non-profit charity and any fees that we charge are intended only to cover the cost of arranging to send volunteers on projects
The fees charged will depend on the whether the project is in Britain or overseas, and on the length of the project.  Short-term workcamp projects vary from one week to one month in duration, and long-term projects continue for longer, usually from one month to one year  Details of short-term and long-term projects can be found on the links below.  There is also a link giving further information about SCI projects, including details of our fees
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