Funded Volunteering
in Europe

 What possibilities are there for funded volunteering in Europe? 

Please note that UK participation in volunteering projects that are funded by the European Union MFF (Multi-annual Financial Framework) has been affected by the withdrawal of the UK from the EU.  As a general rule, participants in Erasmus+ projects must be established in an EU Member State or a third country associated to the Programme.

There may however be possibilities for participation volunteering projects funded by the Council of Europe (of which the UK is still a member), such as The European Youth Foundation

There is currently an opportunity for participation in an online 2-day seminar on anti-militarism on 24th and 25th September 2023. This is the third activity and the final stage in the series “No War Anywhere!”. 

The “No War Anywhere!” series is a training on campaigning and advocacy, where young activists will strategize their campaigns, learn about digital communication, (self)-caring while being an activist, etc.

After the “No War Anywhere!” seminars in Rome in April and a training in Vienna in June, we want to create a working group within SCI and create more connections with other antimilitarist networks, join existing antimilitarist campaigns, create own antimilitarist educational projects and bring in antimilitarism more into SCI’s structures. Through this, we want to contribute to making the antimilitarist movement overall younger and more connected internationally.

This exchange for people who are active in antimilitarism in some way, for example having participated in Rome/Vienna as part of the No War Anywhere project or being active in an antimilitarist organisation (could be an SCI member organisation or another antimilitarist organisation).

Some of the things we want to discuss:
◉ How should this working group function? What should we do/ not do? What can we learn from the past?
◉ What initiatives do we want to do internally within SCI around antimilitarism?
◉ How can we support existing campaigns? (e.g. ICAN, #ObjectWar campaign by WRI)
◉ What project ideas do we have? What fundings are there for antimilitarist projects in 2024 and 2025?

Join us to connect, exchange and take action together!  To find out more, and to apply by the deadline of 31st August 2023 please click here

If you wish to contact IVS about funded projects (or anything else) please visit our Contact page here.