The SCI Solidarity Fund enables and encourages disadvantaged volunteers to join in the SCI International Volunteer Projects Programme (Workcamps’ attendance and short-term volunteering projects – for more information about this click here).

The Solidarity Fund will allocate small bursaries to successful applicants to cover:

  • Travel and Visa costs to the workcamp/project location,
  • Miscellaneous Hosting costs.

The main aim of the Fund is:

  • to encourage active participation of disadvantaged volunteers to their local branch or group of SCI;
  • to give more visibility to SCI globally and locally and to share our vision with a wider audience;
  • to improve the mutual respect and understanding within the organisation.

Disadvantaged can include people who are:

  • Ethnic and racial minority group members;
  • Immigrants;
  • Refugee/Asylum seekers;
  • Long term unemployed (more than 6 months);
  • People with disabilities.


  • The application form can be downloaded here
  • Applications must be sent to the SCI branch, Group, partner or contact organisation, which in Great Britain is (or to find your organisation click here)
  • The application has to contain details of the project the participant intends to volunteer in (Code/Dates etc.) + their motivation to join the project.
  • Has to contain brief details of the applicants current or previous volunteering experiences.
  • Must be sent at least 4 weeks before the project starts.
  • Must include the costs which the applicant estimates s/he needs to join the project e.g., travel, visa, escort/social companion costs etc
  • The applicant must outline the costs s/he can cover themself.
  • Applications are encouraged for volunteers to join in projects in their own country of residence.
  • The applicant must complete a report of the project within 1 month of completion and send it to both their sending and hosting organisation