Our volunteer Mariya Sidorova has just finished her project at The Bield in Perthshire, Scotland. She spent 3 months in Scotland and was sent by our Russian partner SFERA. Mariya has written about her volunteering experience.

Volunteers should know that participating in this project is like an educational course for you! I have spent most of my time in the garden, which has given me a knowledge of planting and I now adore gardening. You have the opportunity to find out how a retreatment centre works. Also, you will work on the farm with people who have special needs. Without exaggeration, it is a paradise. I have never seen people who have some real problems in their life who are so happy. It is an amazing natural place in the heart of Scotland! The Bield is an absolutely beautiful and natural place, full of birds and animals. You can meet fluffy chickens, sheep, horse, alpacas, cows and adorable goats.
If you are interested in social work, gardening, tourism, healthcare and nature, or you just want to stop and help people, just apply and you will meet fantastic people. You will never feel like you are a tourist or visitor in Scotland and for all of your time there, you will be a part of a team.
Communication with IVS during my placement and the support from my mentor was very good, as well as the preparation and support I received from my sending organisation, SFERA. Everything was even better than I could imagine, it was a fantastic experience. People in Scotland are amazing!