Watch a variety of videos of volunteers on their return talking about their volunteering experiences across the world, from Albania to Morocco and Australia to Sri Lanka.

Interview with a Returned Volunteer – Australia (1:15)

Interview with a Returned Volunteer – Albania (1:21)

Interview with a Returned Volunteer – Morocco (1:01)

Interview with a Returned Volunteer – Ukraine (1:59)

Introducing the International Voluntary Service and an environmental project on the Isle of Eigg (14:34)

Eniko talks about the benefits of IVS compared to other volunteering organisations (2:51)

Listen to Ketai, Ana and Bob sharing their experiences with IVS (3:43)

Volunteering in Spain, Summer 2010 Watch and listen to Harriet’s story (0:57)

Impact of Volunteering with the International Voluntary Service by Bob Thomas (0:40)

Europe – Volintegration 2008 Part 1 Networking for inclusion of young people through volunteering. (8:49)

Europe – Volintegration 2008 Part 2 (6:29)

Sri Lanka – Working on Peace (8:00)

Germany – SCI Promo (0:55)

USA – VFP Selection (8:16)

USA – Work Camp in Vermont (3:27)

Bulgaria – Work Camp (3:31)

Spain – Summer university I (6:14)

Spain – Summer university I (4:10 Stills)

“It’s not easy” trailer (0:45)

Czech Republic (2:54)