Our SCI partner SEEDS Iceland offer volunteering projects across the country that aim to educate participants on Iceland’s culture, and the importance of environmental protection and awareness. This January, one of our volunteers participated in the SEEDS “Environmentally Aware: in Reykjavík” project and he has summarised his experience in Iceland.  Keep reading to find out about John’s time as an IVS volunteer.

Volunteering with SEEDS Iceland has provided me with a platform to make international friends while learning more about our environment. We participated in a campaign called “Meet Us, Not Eat Us” to reject whale meat, and to promote whale watching. Minke and Fin are the most commonly hunted whales and would be served to eat. It did not taste nice, but many people were curious to try the whale meat. We understood how our buying choices influence the demand and supply, which could ultimately put a stop to exotic meats that are not necessary in our diets.


The realisation of our oblivious mindset proved how destructive our curiosity can cost. I’m certain that our actions can make a big difference and it starts today. I’m thankful for the volunteering opportunities and encourage everyone to be part of it, there’s always something new to learn!

John Ng