Our EVS volunteer Carmen is in Vilnius, Lithuania, on a project with the European Foundation of Human Rights (EFHR) for 10 months. Originally from Spain, Carmen was living in Swansea studying for an MA in International Relations before she went to Vilnius. As an undergraduate student, she studied law and political science, so her participation in the EVS project “Notice it! Human Rights in our daily life” is a great opportunity for her to gain practical knowledge related to the European Union and human rights. Joining the EFHR was her first choice due to the legal background of the NGO and its international scope.

Carmen is passionate about politics, taking an active role in several university elections, from being a political candidate for Spanish general elections to working for the Department of Cultural and Political Studies at Swansea University as a researcher and media manager. Besides this, she enjoys travelling and getting to know different people and cultures and living in different places. Carmen is also passionate about languages, food and enjoys going to the cinema.

She is eager to learn a lot from this experience and acquire many new skills. She is willing to contribute at her best to the foundation during the ten months (from August 1st until the end of May) she will spend in Vilnius.

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