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We offer volunteering opportunities in healthcare, teaching, environmental protection, social injustice, or working with children, young people, the elderly, refugees, minority groups or individuals who are socially disadvantaged. Plus lots more!

Our short-term projects range from one to four weeks in length and our long-term projects run from one month up to one year.

The benefits of volunteering

Volunteering has many benefits, both for volunteers and the local communities where they work. It’s truly win-win!

As a volunteer, you’ll build life skills in confidence, communication, social interaction, teamwork, conflict resolution, employability and independence.

Volunteering also provides benefits to communities, including economic benefits, employability, thriving communities, improved health, reduced crime, enhanced well-being and active citizenship.

Volunteering for peace

When you volunteer, you provide practical help in a context that’s also about learning about other cultures, heritages, abilities, ways and walks of life.

You’ll live and work with a group of international volunteers, and you’ll get the opportunity to share your culture and beliefs, helping increase tolerance of diversity. Our volunteers develop lasting, international friendships and stay friends over many decades.

Practical peace education is a key part of our work and we deliver a session on every project that we run. Our trained volunteer peace messengers deliver peace education sessions to promote peace and intercultural understanding, and empower people to implement pacifist values in their lives.

Low cost volunteering

We’re a charitable organisation and we keep the costs of volunteering low to enable people from all backgrounds to take part.

Many of our projects are free! Fully-funded by the European Commission, this means that you pay no project fees to join, plus accommodation, food and travel expenses are paid for.

For our other projects, you can volunteer in the UK from only £50, or if you want to go abroad, prices start from just £145. Read more about Our Pricing here.

Interested? Read on to find out the types of projects we have on offer and find out how you can do something amazing!

Our Partners

Grass-roots projects developed by our local partners after establishing an identified need.

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