New projects are uploaded to our database every day with hundreds to choose from over the summer months. Take a look at five reasons why you should take the step and volunteer with IVS this summer…


We are a non-profit organisation and have been working in the UK since 1931. We think that volunteering should not break the bank. After all, it’s you who is offering your services to help others. Our project fees depend on the specific project and the duration. Volunteering with IVS on a short-term basis (up to one month) costs as little as £160, with our longer term projects (up to twelve months) ranging from £160 to £430.


Whether you are a student with the whole summer free, or if you have a week or so off from work, there’s something for you with IVS. You can volunteer with us for 3 days or 3 months by searching our available opportunities online today. We also offer group volunteering projects which can be tailored specifically to suit your group and your availability.


Volunteering looks great on your CV. It doesn’t just show that you care about helping local communities in need, but it also proves that you’re driven, independent and more culturally aware. Voluntary experience alone on a CV stands out and you can also pick up new and valuable skills along the way.


IVS projects are in direct partnership with local communities around the world and they are only developed after a real need is established. Our projects aim to help break down barriers and prejudices between people of all backgrounds and promote a culture of peace. We offer volunteering opportunities that help children learn English, protect the environment, help refugees in need and much more.


As we are part of a global network, volunteering with us gives you the chance to get to know other volunteers from all over the world. Our projects host volunteers from many different countries so that you can learn about other cultures and make new friends for life.

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