Youth Work and International Mobility at Vicolocorto in Pesaro


Call for 2 Erasmus Plus Volunteers from the UK!

Erasmus+ Volunteering opportunity in Italy for 8 Months.

For gender balance, applications from male candidates are particularly encouraged.

  • Description

    Call for volunteers to take part in an 8-month Erasmus+ Volunteering project at the Vicolocorto Association in Pesaro, Italy

    Vicolocorto is a cultural youth association founded in 2006. It is non-profit, non-party and apolitical. The association specializes in youth work and international mobility. It is based in Pesaro and works at a regional level (Regione Marche) cooperating with private and public institutions.

    About Vicolocorto

    Vicolocorto is a non-political, non profitable youth cultural association created in 2006 and based in Pesaro, Italy. It is specialized in youth work and it operates in the fields of non-formal and extraschool education; intercultural learning; promotion of youth mobility, volunteering and youth participation. The Association has gained a broad experience in the fields of youth policies and international mobility, involving many young people in international projects and hosting more than 30 projects like youth exchanges, seminars and training courses.

    Regarding EVS it’s active as Sending, Hosting and Coordinating organization since 2009, having hosted and
    coordinated more than 60 volunteers so far and sent more than 190 volunteers within EU and in other countries of the world.

    Since 2013 Vicolocorto’s cooperation with the Regional Employment Centre of Pesaro got stronger, to increase the
    number of activities to be realised together, as a structural joint strategy to tackle youth unemployment at local and
    regional level.

    Project details:

    Location: Pesaro, Italy
    Duration: 8 months
    Starting: February 2019 to September 2019
    Program: Erasmus+ Volunteering

    The main tasks of the volunteers are the following:

    • Activities in youth centres.
      • Support Vicolocorto staff’s activities at local youth centres (animation & playing with young people, language tandem meetings, volunteering promotion).
    • Educational workshops for young people.
    • Taking part in non-formal language activities with local youth.
      • Take part to English Conversation Meetings, peer to peer language exchange with local youth, in Pesaro and
        neighbouring cities.
    • Promotion of the Erasmus+ volunteering opportunities though events in person, online and in schools.
      • Join the staff on promotional activities about Erasmus+ mobility opportunities through leafleting, online
        communication and peer-to-peer interactions, meetings at Vicolocorto office, Youth Information Centre, High
    • Creation of promotional materials for the association.
      • Use the media (like making videos, blog posts, etc.) and the social networks to share their EVS experience and to show Pesaro from their own point of view.


    Stay and travel expenses are covered by the Erasmus+ program.

    Volunteer Requirements:

    Vicolocorto are looking for people who are/have:

    • Aged between 18 and 30 years old.
    • Currently residing in the United Kingdom.
    • Two positions are available.
    • Applications from male candidates are particularly welcome.

    Read about the experiences of Erasmus+ Volunteers at the Vicolocorto Association on their blog.

    You can watch videos about volunteering in Pesaro on their YouTube channel.

    For more information, visit their website.

    How to apply:

    Interested candidates are to send an updated CV and tailored cover letter to and with subject “EVS @Vicolocorto”. Please specify in the email text that IVS is your sending organisation.

    Alternatively, get in touch with us using the form below, or call 0131 243 2745.

    Volunteers need to be registered in the European Solidarity Corps portal to take part in this project. Contact IVS for further information on ESC and how to register.