Activities Leaders in a Rural, Local Community in Almazán


Call for an Erasmus Plus Volunteers from the UK!

Erasmus+ Volunteering opportunity in Spain for 9-Months.

  • Description

    Call for three volunteers to take part in an 9-month Erasmus+ Volunteering project at All2Help in Almazán, Soria, Spain

    All2Help are working with the town of Almazán to seek three volunteers to be involved in activities at local level in different facilities at the village. The activities are wide ranging from language, recreational, arts and crafts, sports, cultural exchange and computers, with many participants from children, adults to the elderly.

    About the project:

    The project is located in a beautiful village of Almazán, Soria, Spain. Almazán has a population of around 7.000 inhabitants. The town lies on the east bank of the Duero river. It is surrounded by contrast landscapes: beautiful pine and oak forest, cereal plains, canyons and steppe areas. Each landscape changes every season. It is an incredible place for trekking, fishing, hunting and mushroom lovers. It has a Mediterranean climate conditioned by its height (960m). It is 30 minutes from Soria and 90 minutes from Madrid by road.

    Project details:

    Location: Almazan, Soria, Spain
    Duration: 9 months
    Start/Finish: Mid-September 2019 – June 2020
    Program: European Solidarity Corps

    The main tasks of the volunteers are the following:

    The volunteers will be involved in activities at local level in different facilities at the village. The program will be held in public buildings with the support of the town hall.

    • Nursing home: Organising recreational activities for the elderly; talking to them; support of the educators and social in the activities of assistance; accompanying the elderly with walking difficulties.
    • Secondary school: Provide support to English/French teachers; present their own culture/language.
    • Culture Centre: Support in the toy library; organising activities for kids/youth during free times; do activities in the volunteer mother tongue; crafting and drawing; support with the homework to children facing learning difficulties.
    • Adult education: Computer support; English/French lessons; basic knowledge.
    • Youth association/ Town hall: Support when they organise any activity.

    Training during the project:

    A pre-departure briefing and orientation-upon-arrival will be organised with the volunteer. General on-the-job training will be provided, as well as learning about Erasmus+.

    The participant will have access to the online platform to be able to practice during the full program. To be able to access to the platform, participants will be able to use computers that are inside of the Culture Centre. From the beginning, we will try to provide the opportunity for the volunteer to have contact with local youngsters to improve their Spanish knowledge and take part of the local activities.

    Volunteers will be able to attend Spanish classes.

    The volunteer will have access to all public sports facilities in the village, including inside and outside swimming pool.

    The expected learning outcomes:

    • Experience another way of living in a rural area
    • Personal development
    • Intercultural awareness
    • Intercultural skills
    • Interpersonal skills
    • Learn how to take initiatives and develop personal projects
    • Project management
    • Cultural management and expression
    • Team spirit
    • Learning Spanish

    Note: All the learning outcomes will be assessed and documented on the YouthPass certificate which is the official EU’s certificate for competences acquired through non formal education activities.

    Working hours and days:

    It is possible to have some activities during the weekends. In those cases, the volunteer would have some days off during the week. We expect that the volunteer will participate in some EVS presentations that will be done and support the every-day activities in the village. Holiday periods would be agreed between the organisation responsible and the volunteer, according to the terms of the programme.

    Accommodation, food and transport arrangements:

    Travel expenses (flights etc. to join the project) are covered within a set budget. Visa costs, if any, will be covered by money of the project. 

    You have also be covered by insurance (Cigna insurance covered by the EVS programme) and it is compulsory for each participant to bring their European Health Cards with them.

    You will get a budget for food and pocket money (150 € per month)

    You will live in paid accommodation organised by the host. The volunteer will have a single room in a shared apartment with the other 2 volunteers. They will share bathroom, living room and kitchen.

    All costs are covered by the Erasmus+ program. 

    Volunteer requirements:

    • Aged between 18 and 30 years old.
    • Currently residing in the United Kingdom.
    • Must have not already taken part in a long-term European Voluntary Service/Erasmus+ volunteering project before.

    All2help is looking for volunteers with interest in social work in the area of old-age care and kids an interested in education. They should also be open to work with old people who need care. The volunteer should be communicative, open, cheerful and motivated to work in a team.

    Because of our environment and the full immersion, they will experiment into the Spanish culture, some Spanish knowledge will be necessary. There is no need to speak or write perfect but enough to communicate and learn fast the rest of it.

    Volunteer has to be aware that they will be living in a rural area and they will be collaborating with other two international volunteers for 9 months.

    The Spanish law requires a clean criminal certificate to be able to do activities with children. The participant will bring a copy.

    For more information, download the information pack: Infopack Almazan 20192020.

    How to apply:

    If you are interested in applying for this Erasmus+ vacancy, please send your CV, along with a photo and motivation letter to and as soon as possible

    Alternatively, get in touch with us using the form below, or call 0131 243 2745.