Support Youth and Social Action Projects at The Esycu Foundation in Valencia


Call for Erasmus Plus Volunteers from the UK!

Erasmus+ Volunteering opportunity in Spain for 10 Months.

  • Description

    Call for volunteers to take part in a 10-month Erasmus+ Volunteering project at the The Esycu Foundation in Valencia, Spain

    The Esycu FoundationThe Esycu Foundation dedicates itself to the promotion of projects in the educational, welfare and cultural fields that contribute to the defence of fundamental rights, the promotion of values in childhood and youth, development in third world countries, as well as the promotion of volunteer initiatives and the training of volunteers.

    Among its usual activities, volunteer projects and awareness-raising projects are the most fundamental, as well as projects to promote culture and education in childhood and youth and development cooperation projects with disadvantaged countries such as Peru, Kenya and Congo among others.

    Project details:

    Location: Valencia, Spain
    Duration: 10 months, from January 2019 to October 2019
    Program: Erasmus+ Volunteering

    The main tasks of the volunteers are the following:

    • Language learning: Spend one or two hours a day studying the language in a formal and informal way.
    • Youth and Social Action: Support Esycu Foundation employees in the organisation of different volunteer programs, education, exchange and stays in other countries for children and youth, and will be able to participate a few hours a week (two hours approximately) to social projects related to health, childhood, education, or leisure and free time in areas of social exclusion in Valencia.
    • Communication and awareness: Support the design and dissemination of ESYCU associations and programs on the web portal and social networks.
    • Project management: Support the preparation and management of grants, training activities, and events, among others.

    At the end of your stay you will have gone through the different departments with the aim of enriching your experience in Erasmus+ Volunteering as much as possible and will acquire non-formal learning and practical experience in a work environment. Also the tasks you will take part in will have a benefit for the community, and at the same time you will have the opportunity to connect with young people from the city of Valencia.

    The Esycu Foundation

    Working hours and days: 

    Hours: 31 hours a week (Mornings from Monday to Friday, except voluntary activities concerning children and young people)


    Stay and travel expenses are covered by the Erasmus+ program.

    Volunteer Requirements:

    The Esycu Foundation are looking for people who are/have:

    • Aged between 18 and 30 years old.
    • A minimum level of Spanish – B1.
    • An interest in the social field.
    • Some experience of volunteering in their own country in free time activities with children and youth.
    • Knowledge of management in social networks.
    • Skills in the design of signage and digital marketing material.
    • Can speak English.
    • Looking to play an active role in the establishment of their Erasmus+ Volunteering project.
    • Currently residing in the United Kingdom.

    How to apply:

    If you are interested in applying please send a CV and motivational letter to