Teaching Assistant and Activity Leader at a Secondary School in Lublin


Call for Erasmus+ Volunteers from the UK!

Spend up to 12-months, fully-funded, at a project based in Lublin at the Secondary School nr 30.

  • Description

    Call for volunteers to take part in an Erasmus+ Volunteering project at the Secondary School nr 30, Poland

    Secondary School nr 30 is a secondary school in Lublin, Poland, with students aged 14-18 and a group of 40 teachers. They are looking for two volunteers to be a part of the school community and assist the teachers during extra lessons and after-school activities.

    About Secondary School nr 30

    Secondary School nr 30 is a place where you can meet enthusiastic and open-minded students aged 14-18 and a group of 40 energetic teachers. The mission of the school is based on the poetry of its patron Jan Twardowski, who promoted tolerance, appreciation of life, love and friendship as well as nature. That is why the primary activities of the school aim to show the students how to respect one another, cooperate, share one’s knowledge and interests. The school runs a number of projects and after-school activities. Among others, student exchange programmes, art projects, eTwinning projects, a drama club, a cultural club, foreign languages clubs, a science club, sports clubs. Our students are always ready to take up another challenge. They are also involved in a number of voluntary actions, where they help homeless animals and people in need. Such projects are present on daily basis and none of the students is getting bored with learning school material by heart all day long. The teacher do their best to engage the students in such activities which in a practical way develop the young people’s skills, personalities and broaden their horizons. Thus the teachers’ and the students’ communities invite You to be a part of our enthusiastic team who prove that learning and teaching is fun.

    The school is located in the city centre in Wajdeloty street. There is a shopping centre as well as lots of relaxing green areas. The school building itself is very spacious with colourful classrooms and corridors decorated with pictures painted by the students on the walls. We are exceptionally proud of the image which is placed on the outside wall of the building. It presents a students’ interpretation of the school patron’s poem “When You Say”. There is also a magnificent sports hall – the biggest and the most modern one in Lublin. It is possible to do many sports disciplines there as well as put on big events with the audience of over 200 people.

    Project details:

    Location: Lublin, Poland
    Duration: 12-months
    Starting in: December 2018/January 2019, may be negotiable
    Program: Erasmus+ Volunteering

    The main tasks of the volunteers are the following:

    • The volunteer is invited to be a part of the school community and assist the teachers during extra lessons and after-school activities.
    • The volunteer will be able to gain teaching experience while being supported by the best teachers in Lublin who apply the latest teaching techniques and prioritise communicative skills as well as practical approach.
    • There will be provided enough space during lesson plans for the volunteer to carry out 25-28 lessons per week with different age groups with the presence and support of the teachers.
    • At the same time the volunteer will have a lot of freedom to involve his or her own ideas as for the themes and methods of cooperating with the students.
    • The main idea is to cover the topics of European culture, global issues as well as young people’s interests and talents, however it will be up to the volunteer and the students which topics will get the priority during the meetings.
    • The volunteer will also be invited to join in organising school events, sports activities and drama shows.
    • Also the volunteer will be free to create a club where he or she can share his or her own hobbies with the students.
    • Each of the activities will be supported by the school teachers at all times and the volunteer can ask for any extra help anytime.

    Accommodation, food and transport arrangements:

    This project is based in Lublin, Poland. Volunteers’ accommodation, food, pocket money and transport will be provided through the Erasmus+ program.

    Volunteer requirements:

    • Aged between 18 and 30 years old.
    • Currently residing in the United Kingdom.
    • Open to talk to teenagers emphatically as well as polite and responsible.
    • Enthusiastic about sharing their culture, hobbies and interests with young people.
    • Open to new experiences and are willing to learn and develop in different skills.
    • Some experience in the field of pedagogy, teaching or any education related with teenagers is desirable.

    How to apply:

    If you are interested in applying for this Erasmus+ vacancy, please send your CV and motivation letter to europe@ivsgb.org. Alternatively, get in touch with us using the form below, or call 0131 243 2745.