Building Bridges

The aim of the Building Bridges campaign is to raise awareness on the topic of forced migration and promote peace, understanding and integration between locals and asylum seekers/refugees. Volunteer projects are an important part of the Building Bridges campaign, with various projects running across Europe this summer. We welcome volunteers who want to support refugees and contribute to the peaceful coexistence of people from all origins.

Building Bridges Projects

In 2016, there were over 30 projects which supported refugees and their inclusion into society. These projects include volunteers monitoring detention centres, supporting asylum seekers with claims, teaching English to refugees, providing upskilling workshops and organising activities for child refugees and asylum seekers.

Our 2017 Building Bridges projects, so far, are shown below.


Creative Camp for Young Asylum Seekers (Finland)


Asylum Seeker Centre Natoye (Belgium)

Asylum Centre Summercamp & Music Festival (Denmark)

Children’s Summer Camp (Kyrgyzstan)

Recapturing the History (Greece)

Summer Camp for Asylum Seeker Children (Switzerland)

Refugee Centre Emmen (The Netherlands)

Refugee Centre Linin (Poland)

“Happy Together” (Turkey)

Volunteers for Inclusion Sombor (Serbia)


Solidarity with Refugees Friedland (Germany)

“Toys for Everybody” (Turkey)

Integrating Traditions in Lieksa

Asylum Seeker Centre Ter Dennen

The Building Bridges projects provide a cost-effective way for you to support refugees. Please keep checking this page for updates on 2017’s projects.